Friday, 22 February 2013

Choosing Cold Room Units - Standard or Bespoke?

When a commercial kitchen is choosing between standard or bespoke cold room units there are many considerations such as size, efficiency and capacity to consider. However, it is usually the cost of cold room units that is the main factor in the final decision. The biggest deliberation when thinking about the cost of cold room units is choosing between affording the upfront investment versus thinking about long term usage and efficiency.

In this article we will examine the appeal of going for standard sized cold room units versus a bespoke design and discuss the advantages of both.

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Advantages of Standard Cold Room Units

Standard cold room units have many advantages. Their modular design means that they arrive at your premises flat packed, this makes delivery easy and convenient. It also means they can be quickly and easily installed on site. This fast installation means they can be up and running on the day of installation and your business can get back to work straight away.

Another advantage of a standard cold room unit is that they are usually more economical to purchase than a bespoke version. This is due to the way they are manufactured as a mass produced product in standard sizes. However that doesn’t mean that the choice is restrictive. Standard cold room units have various types to suit different premises, like commercial kitchens, restaurants, food preparation units, hotels, fast food restaurants, storage for perishable non food items such as plants and flowers and laboratories for medical supplies. They can fit into lots of different spaces within a business and come in a whole range of volume capacities. This means your business has the choice, within a standard cold room units range, to find an almost tailor made solution to your needs.

For example, in standard modular design cold room units, there are a variety of installation options such as having the refrigeration unit on the left or right hand side of the door and because doors are hung in situ they can be hung so they open to either the left or right hand side too.

Advantages of Bespoke Cold Room Units

In some circumstances a standard cold room unit won’t suit the needs of a particualr operation and a bespoke option may be necessary.

A cold room unit is not only used in the food and catering industry: many different types of operation prefer or need bespoke cold room units such as cruise ships, hospitals, mortuaries and research centres.

A bespoke cold room unit is ideal when you need an exact fit or need to use every inch of available space. If you only have an awkward shaped or sized space available for your cold room unit then a bespoke design can maximise this space to its best advantage. Getting exactly the space required is essential to the efficiency and smooth running of your cold room unit. Too little space and you will either not have enough room to store everything you need to, or the unit will end up being overfilled. Too much space in your cold room unit and shelves will be empty. In both cases having a cold room unit either too full or not full enough can compromise the consistency of the temperature and the energy efficiency of the unit.

With bespoke designs there are lots of options for individual requirements and there is complete adaptability with the design. A bespoke cold room unit can be built either within or outside a building, they can have doors that are hung to open either to the left or the right and the internal space configuration and shelving can be designed to your specifications rather than the 4 tier shelving in the standard modular designs.

All this can all result in better ongoing efficiency. Lower energy bills are critical in business and certainly a factor when calculating the lifetime cost of owning and running a cold room. A cold room that is economical to operate can be better value in the long run even if the initial buying cost is higher.

Porkka’s Cold Room Units

Porkka’s have over 300 different types of modular design cold rooms to choose from. This vast choice means that it is possible to find an almost bespoke option for your business within our standard range giving you the best of both worlds. Our large number of configuration options and volume capacities in the standard models in a modular design combines the advantages of both the standard and bespoke options.

As a result, very few customers will require a truly bespoke solution, but this can also be provided if required.

With both a standard and bespoke cold room unit you can be assured of the highest quality product that is energy efficient and easy to maintain and clean. All our cold rooms comply to all food safety regulations and have temperature controls to give you a consistent temperature for your goods, keeping them safe, hygienic and in the best possible condition.

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