Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Laboratory Refrigerators – New or Second-Hand?

Laboratory fridges and freezers are key items of equipment for research labs of all kinds, and can be used to store a variety of substances including volatile or hazardous chemicals, bacteria, blood plasma or other biological samples in a secure environment, at precise and controlled temperatures.

Equipment costs, such as investing in laboratory refrigerators, are a big factor when equipping a lab, so it is understandable to consider second-hand equipment where possible. But, given the critical nature of the samples and research being carried out, it is important to ask whether buying a second-hand laboratory refrigerator will really offer the cost savings intended.

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Can You Make Long Term Savings by Buying Second-Hand?

The main motivation, of course, of buying a pre-owned lab refrigerator is the cost. But if you look at the long term lifespan of the fridge, is there really a saving to be made? The answer is to weigh up the initial outlay of buying new, verses the cost to a business of a potentially unreliable second-hand refrigerator. If your second-hand fridge breaks down within a short period of time, you may well end up buying twice.

It is also important to consider the running costs of a pre-owned laboratory fridge compared to Porkka’s new high-tech cabinets. Porkka’s latest state-of-the-art lab refrigeration units are much more efficient and benefit from a lower power consumption which, over time, will save on running costs. They also use one quarter less energy than previous models and far less than other lab cabinets on the market. Buying new not only saves on running costs, you also have the peace of mind that it will stand the test of time.

How Ecologically Sound is a Second-Hand Lab Fridge?

In many cases when it comes to buying commercial equipment it is seen as more eco-friendly to make use of existing apparatus (that has already been made), rather than sourcing a brand new version of a similar product.

Porkka refrigerators, however, are built to highly energy efficient standards, outweighing the eco-benefit of opting for an older, second-hand model. In addition to the lower power consumption, Porkka is committed to reducing the impact on the environment – so our units are designed to be up to 95 per cent recyclable.

Another benefit of buying new from Porkka is that we are also environmentally responsible in our manufacturing processes so we use only CFC and HCFC-free materials. In addition to this, we don’t use any other additional substances or materials that would contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

How Reliable is a Second-Hand Laboratory Refrigerator?

A new refrigeration unit that offers highly accurate temperatures is vital for a controlled laboratory environment; this is even more important for research applications than in commercial kitchen environments. A system failure in a laboratory could mean the loss of valuable samples that may be impossible to replace, or the loss of even more valuable research data. In this case, the cost to the laboratory of using a (potentially) unreliable second-hand unit will be typically far greater than the cost of buying a new refrigerator or freezer.

What Determines Reliability?
Reliability is one of the most important requirements for a laboratory fridge or freezer, so what are the factors that you should think about to maximise the chances of buying a reliable unit?

Brand andReputation – The Porkka brand is known worldwide for being at the cutting edge of design with limited impact on the environment. With more than 25 years in manufacturing commercial fridges and freezers you know that you can count on us for product excellence. Among our major clients for lab/medical fridges are hospitals, medical and research laboratories, doctors and pharmacists.

Parts and Labour Warranty – All Porkka specialist lab refrigeration units come with a three-year parts warranty, which you won’t get with a second-hand version. Pre-owned units only come with a limited warranty and are generally sold as seen, so you can’t be certain of either quality or dependability.

Product History – Buying a new specialist lab refrigerator from Porkka, one of Europe’s premier manufacturers, means you can be assured of complete customer satisfaction. On the other hand, if you buy pre-owned you won’t know the history of the unit, and there may well be some cosmetic damage which won’t meet your expectations.

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