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Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators – A Highly Cost Effective Option

With fuel costs rising relentlessly, it is important to make savings where you can, and as a business owner, one of the ways you can do this is by opting for energy saving commercial refrigerators and freezers.

If you own a food related business, the cost of continuously powering refrigeration units and freezers for hygiene and operational reasons, add up and all this goes a long way to increasing your overheads. However, you can make savings by investing in energy efficient commercial fridges and freezers, such as Porkka’s Future Plus Cabinets, which will significantly reduce your running costs.

Future and Future Plus chiller and freezer cabinets have been granted the seal of approval by the UK Carbon Trust Agency for their energy saving capabilities – as they run on more than a third less energy in comparison to other similar products.  As a result, a company that invests in a Future or Future Plus single door unit will be rewarded with tax incentives. This is because both units are eligible for the UK government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, a system designed to promote environmental awareness by encouraging companies to buy energy saving equipment.

While  some businesses may be drawn into buying second hand commercial refrigerators to save cash, this is likely to be counter-productive in the long run as it amounts to higher running costs, and the unit may require repairs or replacement in the near future.  Instead, Porkka’s Future and Future Plus cabinets are seen as a smarter purchase as they benefit from low running costs, demonstrating that buying new can save money in the long run!

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The Cost of Running a Commercial Refrigerator

While the average yearly cost of running a new or ‘older style’ commercial refrigeration unit will vary – depending on a variety of factors including the age of the unit, size and frequency of use – Future and Future Plus cabinets bring significant savings. Future Plus chillers, for example, are proven to consume 35 per cent less energy when compared to competitors’ products. They are more efficient too – almost 150 per cent more efficient per 100 kg load – which is why they are such a popular purchase for a number of organisations including the commercial food industry.

Porkka’s Approach to Energy Efficiency

Porkka believe in being market leaders in commercial refrigeration equipment and our products benefit from various design innovations that help make the Future Plus range especially efficient.

These include the following:

Hot gas defrost system which runs automatically – The build up of frost in a refrigeration unit can drastically reduce its performance and in the long run can block air flow. Porkka's automatic hot gas defrost system saves energy and makes the refrigeration unit more efficient and economical to run.

Low energy condensers and evaporator fan motors – These turn off automatically as soon as the door opens to prevent the loss of cold air, which again goes a long way in improving the overall performance of your refrigerator.

Highly efficient cooling system – This feature is unique to the Future Plus series; it helps keep running costs down as these cabinets use a quarter less energy than our Future cabinets.  The system works by drawing cooler air from the bottom of the unit, which reduces the amount of cooling required by the compressor.  As well as minimising running costs, this helps to extend the life of the compressor unit, so it means lower replacement costs over time and will ultimately increase the lifespan of the unit.

Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators Can Be Offset Against Tax

Buying new and unused energy efficient commercial refrigerators or freezers can be written off against tax, providing that the equipment qualifies under the UK ECA Scheme – and the good news is that Porkka’s Future and Future Plus single door units do!

This tax incentive was launched in 2001 to encourage companies to put their money into energy saving equipment. It is open to all businesses, of any size, paying UK corporation or income tax.

The scheme allows for 100 per cent first year capital allowances on money spent on energy-saving equipment (such as Porkka’s Future and Future Plus units) against taxable profits of the period of investment, and is an added incentive to invest in our Future and Future Plus commercial refrigerators!

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