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Choosing the Right Refrigerated Display Cabinets for Your Business

There is a reason that there is so much choice when it comes to the design of refrigerated display cabinets. Each design is intended to work for different types of produce and different types of business environment – so picking the right one for your particular situation is important.

The Purpose of Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets serve three primary functions:

  1. Keeping produce fresh, at a consistent temperature, which means the food will have a better shelf life. Hygiene is also vital and Porkka’s chill cabinets all meet European hygiene standards, with all shelves and visible surfaces being made from glass and stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning.
  2. Ensuring produce is ready to serve; for instance, in the case of chilled drinks or snacks such as yoghurts and pots of pre-prepared salad which can be quickly picked up by your customers and eaten on the go.
  3. Presenting produce attractively, and making sure that it is easily visible to retail customers – for instance by using glass doors or open shelving, with or without lighting.

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All Porkka's fridge display units are designed to carry out all the key functions, but they achieve this in slightly different ways, with a number of specific design features which may influence your decision about which model to choose.

Available Space – Even if your space is limited, for instance in a small corner shop or newsagent, Porkka have cabinets which will fit your needs. The Grandioso has a footprint as small as 898mm wide x 742mm depth, with a choice of two heights, 1430mm or 1690mm, making it an ideal choice for a business which requires a smaller chilled display cabinet.

Storage Capacity – Will your chosen chilled display unit meet your usual rate of sales without running out of stock between deliveries? Porkka's Service Line Showcase cabinets include under-counter storage beneath the main display units, which will hold extra chilled goods so that your stock can be replenished when necessary. The units have sliding doors at the back which make it easy for staff to restock shelves as required.

Energy Efficiency – Porkka's Future cabinets are designed for energy efficiency, so by choosing from this range you will be helping the environment as well as saving on your own costs. These cabinets use evaporator fan motors which automatically switch off whenever the door is opened, to avoid loss of chilled air, as well as efficient new low energy condensers and hot gas defrost systems. Also, to guarantee top quality, our Future refrigerated display cabinets are all manufactured to environmental standard ISO 14001 and EU food safety standards. Our Grandioso display cases come with a roll-over night cover as standard, so that produce can be kept refrigerated overnight at a lower cost.

Range of Temperatures Available within One Cabinet – The Service Line Showcase range cabinets have refrigerated shelves for holding chilled foods, but also feature a neutral top shelf which you can use to display non-chilled items such as crisps, cakes or biscuits, so that customers can pick up a combination of foods at different temperatures.

Compatibility with Food Production Equipment – With all our Service Line Showcase display units, it is easy to take GN trays straight from your kitchen to the chiller without the need to lose time by first transferring them to different types of container. The cabinets can take standard GN 1/1 sized components both in the chilled cabinet below the display area and on the lowest shelf. For added flexibility, you can also adjust the bottom shelf depending on the size of the products it needs to hold.

Ambient Temperature of Your Space – If you need a refrigerated cabinet to stand in a hot environment, for instance in a commercial kitchen, then it is important to choose a model which will withstand the heat and still keep your food cool. We at Porkka have designed our glass door cabinets in the Future range so that they can operate within ambient temperatures of up to +32C.

Needing Multiple, Connectible Units, for Larger Premises/Canteens –The Service Line Showcase cabinets have been specially designed for use in locations such as canteens, complete with a tray shelf at the front where customers can rest their trays while choosing products. If you choose from this range, you can connect multiple units together so that a wider range of food and drinks can be put on display.

Porkka have refrigerated cabinets for every purpose and setting and can advise on your needs and the best choice for your individual business. Whether you need a chilled cabinet for a small shop or a restaurant or canteen, we can provide you with the right equipment to help you grow your business and give your customers a great service.

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